Export Coda to Airtable

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to export coda tables into airtable as a form of archiving. Coda documents have a hard limit of around 10k lines, and it is a pain to constantly create new documents to archive using cross-doc to stay within the limit. So it will be easier to automate this archiving process to a platform that has a bigger limit. Thanks.

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Even on paid accounts? So unlimited actually means 10k lines if I understood correctly ? Its good information to know.

There is no hard limit of 10,000 rows in Coda. For packs or the API, we have settings to limit the sync to 1,000 rows or 10,000 rows, but what a doc can handle depends mostly on the features and complexity of the doc.

A good but very very rough guideline is 10,000 rows. If you have a very efficient doc though, you can double or triple this.

We’re also constantly revisiting and analyzing performance, so a good bit of work is going into this area.

Personally, I’ve found that most cloud spreadsheet solutions (Sheets, Excel, etc.) max out at roughly around 100,000 rows, which in tech speak isn’t a huge jump from where we are. Locally hosted software will be able to handle more, but cloud spreadsheet software that is collaborative is in this ballpark. We’re definitely looking into things here.

Thanks @BenLee for clarification :slight_smile: