Unable to copy my doc

i have large doc with a lot of tables
i try to load my doc but it show me calculating
i try to copy the doc but i canot as shown
also version history cannot copy my doc

Hi @Mohamed_Elrefae,

It could be due to the number of rows you have in tables. Generally there is a 10,000 row limit.

One table has over 33,000 rows. And statistics show you have many more rows overall however I haven’t looked further to confirm how many tables exceed 10k.


More info here.

There is a discussion here about going past this limit.

All the best


Hi Dale, Mohamed,

A little more detail: The 10,000 “limit” referred to in your link applies to the API, not to Coda tables in general.

The problem is one of performance, which is dependent on several other factors. But I have tested a table with 40,000 rows with very fast search response.


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