How many rows/columns can a Coda table handle?

I’ve checked the help docs and searched the community but didn’t see anything on this.

Are there hard limits on how many rows or columns you can have in a table?
Are there soft limits (lagging performance)?

We don’t have any hard and fast limits because it depends on the complexity of the document but things usually start to slow down at about 5k rows (again depends on columns and formulas) . We’ll certainly support larger documents in the future.

Yeah to add to what Mallika said, it depends a lot on the doc. We’ve seen docs run perfectly fine until 5k rows but once you cross that threshold there are usually some small changes that you can make to optimize your doc. We’ve been able to help users fix issues in docs and support docs as large as 20-25k rows with very complex formulas etc without any issues. Please feel free to reach out on intercom if you need help with your doc!

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For folks watching this thread, we just made some announcements related to performance: