Is there a Column limit?


Is there a limit (soft or hard) for how many columns a table can reasonably handle?

For example, I’m thinking of combining a few tables I have which would result in about 300 columns, then just filtering down from there.

Hi @Sarah_Arminta, i’ve got more than 350 columns in some tables and they are not a big deal for coda, but i guarantee you that you can find ways to “shrink” this big table into smaller table “interconnected/linked” to eachothers, like a real DataBase

So, using more that one big table is suggested if you can :slight_smile:

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Good to know Coda can handle that many columns. One big DB is definitely my preference, just wanted to check before going to far into making it!


Also, to be precise, a lot of columns and a lot of rows will make your doc slower, but it depend more on the type of calculi you want to use on those data
For example, a doc with a big table (my biggest case is 150 columns for 6500 rows) takes a while to load, something around the minute, but then is there.
If i filter it (depending also on how much is the formula ‘heavy’) i’m prepared to wait from the 2 second to the half minute, so yeah if you can use less it’s gonna be faster but no real limitations for less than 400 column and hundreds rows :slight_smile: (from my experience with the type of data i’ve encountered)

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