Do tables have any row limits when you want to show them in column?

Hi there!

Just setting up my big complex doc for couple weeks, but I obviously found a bug or a limitation. Please help me with that, or just tell me that I reached the limitations.

Referencing data for understanding my case:
Table_1_Data is in Page_1 on the same Doc.
Table_1_Data has row or rows with referencing name row_1 or rows_1.
Table_2_WorkingWithData is in Page_2 on the same Doc.
Table_2_WorkingWithData has row or rows with referencing name row_2 or rows_2.

When trying to get filtered data (rows_1) from Table_1_Data to another row_2 of Table_2_WorkingWithData in column that has been set up for table view I sometimes gets an error. It happens obviously when there are more than 300 rows_1 to show from Table_1_Data. Everything below that number gets rendered correctly and I can work with that. Anyway, I am using table view with rows and columns.

Do someone meet this issue already? How you fixed it or it is matter of the limitations of the Coda?

Thank you for any answer.

Hello @J.M ,

In my docs I have, within one doc, tables with thousands of rows and many columns. I use these tables directly and through views, with many filters, lookups, etc. I am not experiencing the issues you are talking about, so I guess something else is going on.

Although there is no fixed limit on the number of rows, Coda is generally considered to work best with tables having less than 10K rows, although you can go over that without running directly into a problem.

Make and share a dummy doc resembling your doc and let some of us look at it, perhaps there is an easy explanation.


Hi there,

thank you for quick reply. Definitely, it will be better to look at real tables. Here it is:

I simplified it. With every row that is created based on search criteria, I work with it move it with button to another tables in my origin doc. But for this purpose, it can show that kind of error when trying to render more than 300-400 rows in that column that is in table view.

I have requested access…

Done. Sorry, firstly sharing doc to public as embed one. Now you should have access and it is accesible without need of access.

Hello @J.M ,

I can reproduce the error, but I can’t explain it. I assume it has to do with the amount of data you are trying to put in one field (result).

I would set it up a bit different: have a view of your data table with a filter based on your search criteria an place that table under the search form. When you are typing search criteria, the table with the data would dynamically be filtered. If you don’t want any action until you hit the search key, you can toggle a ‘switch’ somewhere on your page (or on a hidden page) to show or not show any filtered data. The button would turn the ‘switch’ on or off.

It is pretty impressive what you have built, but I think putting all the results in one field is not the way to go with such a big table/result set.


Thank you Joost for checking it out and your kind words. It is just a small part of one big doc and I am afraid of that I will reach coda rows limitation quickly so thinking about outsourcing these data in another app and just with button in coda create API call to get temporary results.

Yes, it seems it is not a good idea to put those data in 1 column, I will try it as you said, but I need to solve situation when there will be more user to working with data at the same time, but challenge accepted :smiley:


Hello @J.M ,

but I need to solve situation when there will be more user to working with data at the same time

That is actually pretty easy, although it is a bit of work.

The solution is based on the work of @Paul_Danyliuk, posted here: [Video] User-specific filters (each person tweaks controls independently)