Ordering of the folders, document, sections and premissions

As I see it a document is the equivalent to workspace with multiple subtopics. I would be happy to have more deeply folder nesting to better organize things.

Alternatively, allowing folder on the main screen and ordering documents inside it will also do the job.

In any way it would had been great to have premissions per section or folder. A fast solution, but inferior solution in my opinion, is to be able to export (and import back) a section or folder to a document while keeping the sync (maybe, very smoothly embedded?) and allow different share premission to the exported doc.

Another, more complex and less immediate solution, is to add tags to a document and it is possible to add (accumulate) premission to users per tag. (This will solve another issue of how to share a specific sections with specific consultants) - It will require some managment UI to know who can see what but, in my opinion, it is important step to maturing the product and ability to work with bigger teams who produce large quantities of data.

Thanks and continue do the great job you do

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I agree and want to follow this. I have so many docs now and beginning to need to sort them in categories. Allowing folder on the main screen and ordering documents inside it would be just fine for me. Thanks Coda team for doing an awesome job.

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