Support unlimited hierarchies

Please be considering that Coda also support unlimited hierarchies.

We’re living on unlimited hierarchies world like evolution tree of life.

Request :

  • Unlimited Workspace folders hierarchies.

  • Unlimited Docs folders hierarchies.

  • Unlimited Sections hierarchies. ( or No folders instead of section that is used to Table of content for sub-section , sub-subsection, sub-sub-subsection .A folder have nothing else , just a name )

  •  1  Section ( TOC for 2, 3, .....N )
  •       2  Section
  •           3  Section
  •                  .... N Section  ( Unlimited sections hierarchies.)

2nd to this request. This would help our complex documentation needs.

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I suggest you vote for the relevant topics here:

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It looks like that doc has been locked - I’m unable to vote anymore after opening it. However checking the doc Lock setting, it seems it is set to allow button interaction - so I’m not sure what the issue is hmm…

My fault! Please try again :slight_smile:


Seems to be working again - thanks!

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Seems like it’s still View only for me

If Coda support 10+ nested sections, above 80% features would replace Notion .