Subfolders to create organization under the high level folder

I would like to be organize documents into subfolder within a folder:

Folder = Product
Subfolder = PRDs

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The below might be what you are looking for, Coda calls them now pages!

No this is not what I am looking for. Sub pages are great within a document but when I save my documents to folders, I would like to better organize them into subfolder categories.

Kind of how Google Drive behaves

Dear @Anthony_Sogluizzo


Is there not a way to just do that in Coda?

For instance how do I manage documents that were created in coda and reflect them in google drive?

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We don’t have support for subfolders in the doc list. This has been requested and is in our notes though.

For the mention of seeing Coda docs in Google Drive, that was how we were originally setup and took advantage of Google access permissions. So you could essentially organize your files in Drive. All new accounts, and nearly all legacy accounts have been moved to Coda’s system. For now, we have the one level of folders for organizing docs.

Hi Ben,

Thanks appreciate the feedback. Do you have any timeline for it on your roadmap?

Not at the moment. Something that’s noted in feedback, but it’s not in a project yet.

+1 I hope to see this in the roadmap. I have one doc for every project and now that I have used Coda for about a year with my collaborators, I would love to “Archive” projects by complete status but still within the same folder, in a subfolder.