Beta Access To... Pages & Subpages (aka Nested Sections)

We’ve been hard at work to address a frequent, top feature request from our amazing community for nested folders & sections. We’re hoping we can count on you to help us shape our solution a bit further before our upcoming launch.

We’re calling the new features, Pages and Subpages.

To try it out

If you’d like to test this new feature, let us know in the comments below, and I’ll reach out with instructions.

Some things to know before you try

Sections & Folders will be Pages

Part of this change will be a shift from the fixed number of layers provided by Folders and Sections to an infinite number of nested Pages.

  • Folders and Sections will be converted to Pages, which can then contain other Pages inside them
  • While Folders previously functioned as top-level containers, they will now have an editable surface that can contain text, tables, etc. just like any other page. They can be renamed and given icons.
  • Pages that contain other pages will have navigational elements called “Subpages” that shows the next level of content nested within; you can hide this by hovering over the heading, clicking on the 3-dot menu and choosing “Hide Subpages”
    • Note: You can also toggle this setting from your Page Options, where you would also enable Section Outlines, Authors, Cover photos, etc.

I want access to the beta💥 please. Thank you

Me me me! Would love beta access!

I would like to try pages and subpages!

I would like to try pages and subpages!

This looks great!

Would love to be part of this beta.

I need to test this.

Hey, I would like to test this new feature,


Yes. Please. Need this asap :slight_smile:
Great work.

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I’d love to try this feature! Thank you.

Would love access! Thanks

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I would like to try it.

Hell yeah!

This is one of those features I was expecting since I was comparing Coda to Slite, Notion, etc… my use case for this would the to create company-wide documentation, guides, and others, also I would love to use this for our startup information system, but I would only be able to use it with our information system if you enable “Page Permissions”: The ability to decide who has access to what page.

I’d love to try this feature!

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Would love to try access, this would be super helpful in my coda doc work!

Yes please!!! This is the one breaking point that’s dividing my attention between Coda and Notion!


I would like to try the beta! And I’m interested to see if this beta will bring back the old folder icons I set up way back in the day (they still show up on mobile).

On board to try the feature out and to do some testing nesting Pages - let me know process if you want some more input. Thanks

Yes please! Only one workspace such that I am the owner, but can share the unique workspace ID if necessary.

Awesome! I want to try it! I’m already planning how it would help my organization!

I would like to try it. Thank you.