Launched: An early holiday gift 🎁 for our Community

The Coda Community has always been a go-to source of inspiration for us. You’ve helped us test our favorite features, given us ideas on how to push the boundaries on what a doc can be, and even joined us as official Codans.

It’s why I’m so excited to share — although you may have already noticed! — a new update to our Community. We’re getting a design refresh so this space for makers is now a seamless visual experience with the rest of Coda and allows for easier surfacing of trending content for you to engage with.


At Coda, we believe everyone is a maker and no one brings that dream more to life than the people in this Community. We hope this new design inspires you to play, build, and Coda.

P.S. If you have any feedback, questions, or want to send us a high-five, we have a dedicated topic here for you to post in.