About the Welcome category


Welcome to The Coda Community, a space for our best and brightest power users to join heads and share their work and knowledge. We’ve always envisioned Coda as a community of creators, and we’re excited to start it here with you.

The Coda Community is hosted on Discourseーa discussion platform where you can participate in on-going conversations, [at] mention people, and post your content. Members of the Coda team will be jumping in the conversation a fair amount at the beginning. You can count on us to moderate discussions and facilitate connections. (But let us know if that ever gets nosey.)

We’re really excited to grow this community with you. Please don’t hold back on your thoughts— tell us what you like and what could be better. We need your feedback in order to create the right environment for this community to blossom.

Some practical things:

  • You can embed Coda doc here and share it with other users - both when you need help or just want to show something cool you have made.
  • Download the Discourse app onto your portable anti-boredom device.

Some places to start:

  • Introduce yourself below and add a bit about what you’d like to see from the Coda Community
  • Tell us what you would change about Coda
  • Share a recent hack
  • Ask a technical question

We’ll be on this channel, but if you have a Coda emergency and need immediate support, dial 911 contact us at help@coda.io.