[Gig] Looking for a freelance Coda expert!

Hey Coda community!

The DCU FinTech Innovation Center is looking for Coda freelancers who can help us build community forums within Coda similar to the structure you found this post on. This would be a paid opportunity. Happy to share details. Feel free to reach back out to me here or through my work email boliver@dcufintech.org.

Brandon Oliver
Operations Manager
DCU FinTech Innovation Center

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Hey Brandon!

I’m one of these freelancers who do this for a living for over a year now. However I’m a bit concerned — you’re saying you need a Discourse (this community) lookalike within Coda? Or was that a figure of speech?

Running a full discussion board within a Coda doc wouldn’t be a good idea. Coda is a doc, a single file if you wish; it’s not scalable enough and it doesn’t provide necessary access control means. I expanded more on this before.

I hope this was just a figure of speech and you don’t actually want to recreate discourse — but simply have a space for some discussion. But even then I’d rather advise other tools specifically for this.

That said, I’m still curious to learn about your use case. I realize it may be a totally valid one.

Welcome to the community, by the way!

This is extremely helpful Paul. Thank you for your insight. Would you be able to connect offline to talk about the ideas further? Again, please feel free to reach out to boliver@dcufintech.org.

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Hello Paul - I would also love to have a conversation with you offline about Coda and something you may be able to help me with. My email is josh.schachter@gmail.com if you’re able to reach out to me.



Hi @Josh_Schachter, @Brandon_Oliver, all
happy to say I’m in the same line as @Paul_Danyliuk.

Feel free to privately message me here for more details.


Hi Federico - I’m not sure how to privately message you via the platform. Can you please email me an intro at josh.schachter@gmail.com