Is this forum built using coda?

Tl;dr can you create a discussion forum using coda?

I’m working on creating a knowledge base for a group of volunteers. They currently use slack to interact, but I would love to have everything in one place instead of toggling back and forth between coda to find/create content and slack to communicate.

I also prefer the forum style of community board instead of the long chatroom style on slack.

Hey Ariella,

This forum has been built with Discourse:

But you can 100% build a forum using coda as the driver. Have you thought about what features you would want? Happy to provide tips and advice :slight_smile:

thanks, Harry. Is it just me or do all of these programs (coda, notion, discourse, threads, slack, Circle) all look exactly the same? I see that discourse has a knowledge base option, so is coda still needed for that? I keep starting over with new options and then finding limitations. Currently using a combination of slack + airtable + google drive + slack canvas and it’s a mess!

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Hi Ariella,

I have travelled all over the landscape - Excel, Personal Brain, OneNote, Roam Research, Airtable, Notion, Miro and finally Coda.

Coda has basically replaced all of those, I still use Excel infrequently, but only because of other people in the office still making use of Excel.

I like to have EVERYTHING in a single doc, and the below is the latest incarnation. And I think (hope?) final incarnation. It is NOT a note taking app, although it contains notes. It is where I store all the information relevant to me, including to-do lists and research that I need to do. I have a very large one for the office, which also includes my tasks list for all the meetings, the various documentation types for the SAP system that we have in place, etc, etc.

Coda can satisfy 90-95 percent of one’s digital information needs, and does so better than any other package I have used.

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thanks for sharing. My use case is a bit complex and unique, so I suspect I will never find a perfect fit (especially with no background in this field)!

The beauty of Coda is that it is so easy to adapt.

I am busy building a “watercooler” doc so that people can create topics and interact with each other around that. I have also integrated it with gmail, so that people can send their new topic/comment via email.

So many ways to skin the cat.



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