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Hi. Other than this forum, are there any other community forums on Slack or Discord?

Hey there!

Out of curiosity, why are you looking for others?

There is in fact an official Discord server for Coda, but it’s not normally used. I checked the other day and there were no recent posts from the last 6 months.

The Coda School also has its own servers for students in the course

Then the sub reddit for Coda is somewhat active. But barely. Barely

People like myself and many others in the Coda community are also very active on Twitter!

I like the forum but I also like to find as many independent sources as possible for learning.

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Possible resources to help you out Todd:

  1. The Help center for help articles
  2. The Learn tab for videos and practice docs
  3. The Gallery tab for inspiration and templates
  4. Our community for doc/formula help & other discussions
  5. The Formulas page for a breakdown of every supported formula in Coda
  6. This Getting Started in Coda Webinar for an intro to Coda
  7. The Learn Doc - a self-paced learning experience to get the hang of Coda
  8. Coda Doctorate - The Coda Doctorate program supports makers in growing their skills in community and through direct application of skills. Built on a cohort model, participants connect and support each other during and after the program.
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