[LAUNCHED] The Coda School

:tada: The Coda School is Live! :tada:

“Look nowhere else if you’re serious about learning Coda.”

“It’s definitely the most helpful resource for learning Coda out there.”

“Office hours are a game changer.”

Join over 35 individuals in The Coda School - We’ve designed it to be most extensive and accessible Coda education experience available.

The Coda School is a complete Coda learning experience. You will find immense benefit if:

  • You are serious about learning Coda.
  • You or your company relies on Coda for critical business processes.
  • You have used Coda and realized how powerful it is, but know that it can do so much more.
  • You are using Coda for work and need to level-up your ability to build Coda tools.
  • You want to take Coda to its limits.

The educational experience of The Coda School is structured by three main, research-backed pillars to ensure that you are equipped to gain mastery over many of Coda’s core elements.

Our three pillars are:

  1. The Formulas Course: A massive endeavor covering over 130 Coda formulas. It’s fully interactive, with over 140 activities that go beyond simply how they work, but also when and why to use them. We’ve also designed the course to serve you in the long run - once completed, it will serve as a reference for years of productive building!
  2. Office Hours: The most beautiful part of Coda is its ability to transform into anything you need. Thus, we obviously can’t anticipate every need you’ll have. That’s where office hours come in! Your access to live help from a Coda expert when you need it most.
  3. The Community: An active and private space to talk all things Coda or get quick assistance right when you need it!

Want more information? Check out our newly launched site! I’ll let it speak for itself:


I am part of The Coda School and I have to say it is a no brainer for anyone wanting to level up their Coda skills!

The community is a big plus as it allows to interact with other members, ask questions and get specific advice, highly recommended :ok_hand:


What is really unique about The Coda School is that you can take a personalized assessment before you start. This way you can see the areas for which you need to focus. Also, the course includes explanations and then interactive quizzes so you can test your knowledge as you progress through the course. I’m looking forward to office hours as well because I am that student in class with my hand raised all the time asking questions! :nerd_face:


Congrats on the launch! :tada:

What do you run your community on?

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congratulations on the launch. All the best!!

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Definitely recommend it!

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Looks amazing.

Question: where does the community part live? Couldn’t really find reference to it on the landing page.

Great question and good feedback! Will make sure to make it more clear on the landing page. Right now the community lives on top of Discord, but we are considering other platforms as well if Discord doesnt end up allowing for the type of community we envision!