Adhoc Coda support

This community is amazing, sometimes i just need more support.

Does anyone know if there is a service like this - - for adhoc Coda support?

:wave: Hey there!

Can’t fully tell what that website is or is supposed to be communicating

But every member of the Coda School has 24/7 access to a discord community where myself and other Coda experts are live and providing doc assistance, loom video help, and more

With the Coda School you also get access to live office hours to get help troubleshooting your docs or really anything with Coda!

Heres what some people recently said about it!

Do you have a patreon or similar I can donate to? You’ve gone above and beyond what I’d expect, even as a Coda school participant

It is truly amazing to watch Scott teach me to make Coda docs from my complex scenarios. My most valuable learning experience to date

It is of course a paid course - if you’re strictly looking for free resources and support I can help push you towards some other resourcesR!

thanks Scott. This is very aligned to the link I shared. That was focused on helping people solve a single problem within excel/sheets.

It seems your service does something similar, how long does it normally take for your team to respond to troubleshooting support?

Normally within the business day! My full-time job is Coda development and the Coda School so its my and my teams first priority!

Feel free to check out our website, or email me at for more info

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