Access to coda experts in Coda's paid plans

Does this mean only be able to ask questions in this community forum? Or can i actually talk to coda employees who can help me with my formula/database problem?

Hi @yscias :blush:

Well, there are lots of Experts (Consultants not working directly for Coda) here already :blush: … and if you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate and ask :blush:

Someone (consultant or not) will probably try and help :wink: (quickly, most of the time)…
That’s why we’re all here for : Helping others and/or getting help, learning, sharing…

Now, if you absolutely need to talk to a Codan (i.e.: someone working for Coda) because you stumbled upon a bug or you have some feedback to give, you can still contact the support via Intercom (by clicking on the big and bold question mark (?) which should be sitting at the bottom right of your screen when you’re using Coda :coda: ) .


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