Are there resources where I can learn more in depth stuff about Coda like its forumlas and automations?

The current learning resources out there now about Coda seem quite limited… The few youtubers that teach coda have limited videos and limited subjects. Coda’s channel has some, but the indepth stuff are limited as well. Most of their recent videos are very short videos that dont go into much detail. Can anyone recommend any resources where i can learn advanced coding and automation?? Or how to do more advanced stuff with Coda?

Also, how can i ask Coda employees about simple questions relating to Coda? Like the limitations of formulas in the automations or filter settings on the right sidebar. Everytime i click the help/contact support button, it just sends me to this page. I’m a paying member btw, and i thought they were to supposed to support paying members?

Strange, there should be an option to get the regular support chat with a person.

For what it’s worth, I’m launching my 2-month, 34-hour-long group live course today; the intro lesson is actually in ~2 hours :smiley: It’s a paid one though, $799 for the whole thing. You can still catch it — just DM me or email at

I don’t think you’ll get any more advanced training than what I’m going to give :wink: After all —

— the CEO of Coda

Hey there!

Here’s a great thread on many different places to start learning more and more Coda

Also - all the support reps are phenomenal - but if you need more advanced help or alternate ways of accomplishing that you’ll likely find that help faster here by posting your question

There are many Coda experts on this community who live, sleep, and breathe Coda. So we can sometimes offer a bit more advanced help, solutions, and workflows then the official support channels

It’s a very active community. So the fact that they button brings you here is not a bad thing.


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