Spanish CODA Tutorial / Webinars

Hi community!

I’m working on a spanish series of CODA tutorials and webinars. A very humble 101 free course for people not comfortable to learn technical stuff in English. I’m not an expert/champion but I have some years using CODA (and several years of teaching experience) and the motivation to help new users to use CODA.

I’m here to ask you if you have recommendations or suggestions for this kind of intro course and resources.

Probably you had the chance to teach colleagues how to use CODA and any input/insight would be great to add it to this learning experience.


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Hi Christian

What I think is important is to know who the course(s) are aimed at.

Coda can be useful for a very wide range of people, from purely casual no-code people, all the way up to serious pack builders and AI implementers.

As a tutorial user, it is often very difficult to find information that is relevant to your needs.


Thank you so much Piet, I was thinking something similar to help “new comers” to give them what they need or expect.

I working on filtering content and thinking more about creative entrepreneurs (independent artists, small production companies, cultural organizations such as independent galleries, museums) that have some similarities in their sustanability process: looking for funding, implementing projects and documenting the outcome of those activities.

Thank you for your reply, I will try this approach of the course and let you know how it was.

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