Webinars are back!

When we first entered beta, we hosted a series of webinars to learn from all of you and share best practices. I’m happy to say they are back! If you, a colleague, or friend are interested you can register here.

See you in class!


what a great idea! such good value adds from this company <3 <3 <3


Sat in on the “Coda for Projects” webinar today … great webinar! Now I’m energized to get this all set up for my team (and customer) to use. :slight_smile:


Same here … really worth attending to get some practical tips and to get some questions answered - very professionally done presentation especially regarding seeing a Coda app “live” with multiple users simultaneously - great to stimulate ideas about what else it can do.


So glad you all enjoyed it! It’s one of my favorite things to do - share some ideas and hear from all of you. Stay in touch if there’s anything else we can help with!

For those of us who missed it, any change of seeing the recording?

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Hi there Michael - we didn’t record yesterday’s session, but we do offer these sessions on a weekly basis. If you want to join in, you can register and see the schedule of events here - https://help.coda.io/getting-started/codas-online-class-schedule

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the next one seems to be scheduled on the 20th, which I did sign up for. Is there one before that?

June 20th is the next one - after that we switch to a weekly schedule. Looking forward to seeing you then, Mike!

@maria I would love to be part of the webinars, but time in France is very different :joy:
At the time of the sessions, baby needs attention!

Same here, recordings are useful as I’m unlikely to make a live one.

The community has spoken! I’ll record our next one and post it on this thread. Stay tuned!

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The recording from today’s session is here. Enjoy!

Where are webinars announced beforehand? Should I follow along on a topic here or how do I get notifications about webinars?

Good news! You can head to the learn tab in your Coda account and click “Webinars”. We’re also working on making sure folks know with some emails/in-Coda messages.