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HI All,

Elsewhere few of us had a discussion about the fact that products that are not as good as CODA, has a much bigger social media footprint.

I have made the jump, taken the plunge and/or pulled the trigger and created a Community for CODA Education Resources. It is called "Rambling Pete’s CODA Education community. It is built on the Community software. I hope that it will complete what CODA has here, rather than compete with it.

It is early days on how to structure it - but I have created three groups in which to post, or which to belong to - Beginner, Medium and Advanced.

I have created a few product related topics, e.g. Buttons, Tables and Formulas. SO the idea is that if you provide a complicated “button” example. you would post it in the Advanced group, and add the topic Buttons. Etc More than one topic can be added. You can also create your own topics where necessary.

Further, I have created a topic for “Links to other contributors” IN there I currently have links to @Paul_Danyliuk 's YouTube Channel and his Patreon page. I have also added a link to @Christiaan_Huizer 's page in Medium. (Please let me know if you prefer not to have the links published there, and I will remove them.)
I have also provided a link to this community, as well as to the official CODA YouTube channel.

Finally there is a topic where you can make comments, suggestions and complaints.

The functionality exists in Tribe and Zapier to build an integrated Facebook Group, but that costs $85 per month, so maybe a little later down the line. However, I will create a group on Facebook as well, at the moment you CAN share posts on Tribe to Facebook.

Enjoy, and please provide feedback


@Piet_Strydom, that is such an awesome idea. Just signed up.

I’ve heard great things about

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I came across Tribe probably a month ago, I find it extremely easy to use tool, and have also started a tribe for the alumni of the schools in my birth town.

Let’s hope both of them works!!