Has someone used a community using Coda Docs?

I want to create a series of webinars + community for a group of ~30 entrepreneurs. I need a place where all the content (templates, videos, pdf’s, etc) can live and a place where people can interact (including me)

Circle and Podia are great places to do this, but has someone built something similar using Coda?

Hi Hector

I have just created two communities using tribe.so.

The one is the Coda Education Community. The idea is to promote Coda to a wider audience by increasing it’s presence on the web. It is also linked to a Facebook group. This is in “production” but still very little activity.

The second is still a work in process, but it is what I hope will become a community for people to learn about financial planning and investing - all the stuff we should have been taught in school, but weren’t.
There are two aspects - a “structured” website, which is a Coda doc. Most of the posts in the Coda doc, will be replicated to the community, where there are excellent tools for discussing.

So Coda for a structured set of information, and tribe,so to discuss it. This is not open to the public yet, but feel free to join in and have a look around. I started the tribe today, so hopefully by the end of the week there will be a little bit more to look at.

What is nice about tribe is that there is no limit to the free period.

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Super interesting @Piet_Strydom ! Thanks for sharing this!

Will take a look

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