New Community Built on Coda

Howdy, folks! :wave:

I wanted to share a tiny project I’ve been working on that I hope will pique some interest here on the forum. I give you :sparkles: Codex :sparkles: a community of makers who are building businesses on Coda.

I started this project as an experiment in using Coda as a community management platform. I also hoped it might connect me with like-minded folks who are interested in making money on Coda.

The doc on which the community is built has a lot of neat features baked into it, and I’m planning to release it as a paid template in the coming weeks. If you want to know when that template drops, join Codex and follow the project there.

Let me know what you think! Also open to constructive feedback and bug reports. I’m sure there are some :joy: Shoutout to @Hector_Reyes for providing the nudge to move this idea across the finish line.

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I hope it takes off! I want to build a business on a platform like this.

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