Announcement: Community Updates [Sept 2021]

Hi Coda Community! Steph, here. I’m popping in to announce some changes and housekeeping happening on the community.

Changelog [Last updated 2021-10-06]

:white_check_mark: Cleaned up and removed tags across the community.
:white_check_mark: Enabled voting in Suggestion Box
:white_check_mark: Former Codans are now identified with a different color Coda icon and title
:white_check_mark: Categories will be organized or merged into existing categories. We will target Ask the Community as our primary area to host your topics.
:white_check_mark: New categories will be live and will be announced in this topic as soon as it’s ready to be shared.
:white_check_mark: Adjusting tags or category homing for topics as needed. Misc. will now be called Off-Topic.
:white_check_mark: We will be adjusting the default topic creation category to Ask the Community. No more accidentally posting in another area!

:red_circle: - Not completed
:yellow_circle: - In progress
:white_check_mark: - Done

*Disclaimer: This changelog may update or change as needed.

How does this impact the Maker Community?

While there will be vanity changes to how the community looks, we do not anticipate any changes to how Makers post, read, or use the community. This change log introduces some new areas, and re-introduces how we currently use our existing areas. We want the community to be welcoming for all Makers, new and returning.

How you can help

This is a long-overdue update for our community. We have over 6,000+ topics in the community spanning across the years. If you come across a topic or content that doesn’t belong or is mislabeled, please use the Flag to signal to our team to address it.

If you have a concern or feedback, this topic is open for you to share.


Two questions for you!

  1. How do we know that something is mislabeled? Just if it’s in the wrong topic? Or is there more to it?
  2. How might we help better surface and collate useful posts and answers from community members so that people can easily find them?

Often, as with all forums, the question has already been answered and it’s just about updating the keywords so that it’s more easily discoverable, or linking to the original post.


Hi Connor, wonderful questions!

  1. The common topic I found was that a Maker is asking a question on “how to…” or “how can…” but places it in Off-Topic or in Tips and Tricks. I’d like for these topics to be flagged so we can put them in the correct category.
  2. The first step I would like to do is mark “Best Solution” for topics that have an answer. From there, we’re going to find a way to surface those useful posts and answers via category and show it in search results.

Please let me know if this was helpful.

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Very helpful! Thank you! Perhaps part of the coda community experience could also be a quick 30 second tutorial for new users on using the search function to surface common questions. We love it when our previous answers are useful to future people


This is a good suggestion, Connor. I think this is more in line with UX/UI design changes. It should be on the front and center if we want to make sure that everyone search for their answers before posting. Thank you for this!

It’s Steph!!! Glad to see you on the Coda team :slight_smile: Thanks for the update!

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Question about voting:

Apparently I have six votes. Are those all the votes I have for my lifetime or do they replenish somehow, like every month or with community activity or something?

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I often come to “News from Coda” category to check if you announced something new.

Very often old topics from a few months or even years ago are on the top because someone commented on them (and they are marked as unread). Then I have to mentally process if it’s a new announcement or an old one. Often it requires clicking on the topic to check the date.

Maybe you can add date of the announcement to the topics title in this category? Or show topic creation date somewhere in the topics list?


@Bryce_Vernon - Thank you! Glad to read a familiar name around here. Will you be our Zapier expert on our community? :wink:

@Ryan_Martens2 - Oh, interesting. I will double check on this and update my post here with the answer. Stay tuned!

Update: Votes are set by earned Trust Levels on the community. At the current criteria, it was defaulted at 6 votes for your level. I have adjust this level so now you have 20 votes. If you’d like to earn more votes, please continue to engage in the community. I certainly will re-evaluate this program every so often to accommodate as many as possible (within reasonable limits.)

@Andrei_Kharlanov - This is good feedback. We plan to start implementing better housekeeping rules or at the minimum, make timestamps more visible when you are in the category view so it’s clear that the topic isn’t new but simply has an unread post.

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As promised, I am announcing a brand new area on the community that’s now open.

Whether your project is a single doc or an on-going gig, you’ll find an experienced Maker who’s ready to help. I’m excited to announce we have launched a new area on the community called Marketplace. It’s a dedicated exchange between finding and posting paid gigs and Maker consultants.