Announcement: Community Updates [Oct 2021]

Hi Coda Community! Here’s this month’s changelog:

Changelog [updated 2021-11-2]

:white_check_mark: Scheduled for next week: Categories will be organized or merged into existing categories. We will target Ask the Community as our primary area to host your topics.
:white_check_mark: New categories will be live based on category organization merge.
:white_check_mark: Dependent on Category merge: We will be adjusting the default topic creation category to Ask the Community. No more accidentally posting in another area!

:red_circle: - Not completed
:yellow_circle: - In progress
:white_check_mark: - Done

*Disclaimer: This changelog may update or change as needed.

If you have a concern or feedback, this topic is open for you to share.


Update: All the above have been successfully completed!

I really appreciated the announcement in advance!

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Absolutely! I’d hate to be disrupted without notice so I can’t imagine doing that to an entire community. :wink:

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