Feedback: New community redesign

:tada: Welcome to the new community refresh! :tada:

Please use this topic to submit feedback, report bugs, or compliments to the Coda team. Thank you in advance!


Love that it’s coda-esque! Very nice!


Looks great! Is this built on the same platform, or a new one? (And if new, what it it, if I may ask?)

It’s a lot more confidence-inspiring than the old one which was a bit ‘fresh coat of paint on 1998 forum’ vibe?


Thanks for asking! We are still on Discourse. Just a refresh on our :house: community.

When I go to the community I see this:

while I want to see this:

Is there a way to put actionable data first?
thx, Christiaan

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This is a beautiful revamp to the community and makes perfect sense for Coda – feels like we are in a Coda Doc!
Great to see so much attention put into this, it really set Coda appart from all the others who use Discourse for their forums.


Sorry we don’t have any customizations around this theme yet since it’s still new, but you might find something to your liking by changing the default home page.

You can do this by going to User Avatar (top right) → Person Icon → Preferences → Interface. Then, change Default Home Page to something other than categories.


Nice work Coda team!


Community interface looks super slick, kudos to all who worked on this!! :muscle:


I love the new design ethos! Very fresh and inspiring, great work Team Coda :slight_smile:


wonderful input @Jeane_Carlos , I could adapt the interface to my liking:


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Thank you Dear Codans for creating such an awesome :star_struck: “new home” for this amazing Community :raised_hands: !!!
And, of course, Congratulations to the whole team for their wonderful job :tophat: :partying_face: :raised_hands: !!!



I used to be a computer science student and still do have interest in programming and such but my main area of intereset have usually been the design, front-end part of things. There are a lot of new projects in the making and I really want to help in translation in exchange for a license to use the app professionally. Can you arrange something like this, as I am preparing to become a student again do not have huge amounts of many to spend and the economy is too bad on top of all. I can do the Turkish translation perfectly.

In Peace,

Abdulhamid Ozturk

Hi there, thanks for the offer. At this time we’re not needing such a service. We’re glad you joined the community and may consider us for your schooling needs.

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