A few Q's about this forum?

Hi Friends,

I’m trying to understand a few things about how this help forum works:

  1. How can I filter to see the topics (questions) I started? or commented on?

  2. Is there a template for me to create this forum in my Coda doc?

  3. How did they make this, I understood they use cards, but how do you add a icon? change upper colors and stuff like that?

Hi @Tomer_Marshall :blush: !

The Coda Community is not build on Coda but on Discourse so, how the Categories list looks has nothing to do with Coda :blush:
(Which doesn’t mean that something similar can’t be build in a doc though, using a card display, some icons (simple PNG images stored in a Image field), some conditional formatting, etc… :innocent: and while it won’t look exactly like the Categories list in your screenshot, it could probably come somewhat close)

As for your first question, if you click on your picture in the top right corner, and then, on the “people” icon …

… you would be taken to your profile on the Community where in the Activity section, you would find the Topics you created, the Reply you posted, etc… :blush:


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