Newbie here - Excited to use Coda

Hello Guys,

I am newbie just discovered coda and at first look, it looks amazing.
I would really like to explore it more and excited to use it for my business use.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you

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Hi @Pratik_Shah
and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:

The best way to kick off it’s probably to go and have a look at the Doc Gallery and familiarise with some useful and inspiring solutions.

If you already have something in your mind, try to build up on your own to get used to basic concepts and formulas and feel free to ask fro any support here.


Coda has done a great job with their teaching and learning materials. They have great examples and tutorials you can follow along. Easy to digest, short and fun!

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@Federico_Stefanato Thank you so much for a welcome.
Yes, I already have a use-case in my mind but will have to look at all the possible ways to create it in easy and efficient way. I guess, it will take some time for me to understand all the functionality.

Amazing, thank you @Johg_Ananda for sharing this. I will have a look at it.

Welcome to the community, @Pratik_Shah!

There are a lot of cool docs and examples floating around here.

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Thank you @BenLee for the response.