Moving from Notion to Coda ... want to master Coda ... without propaganda videos

Coda’s videos in the Learn Doc set my teeth on edge and my brain afire. I want to learn … how to use Coda, not be told how wonderful I should find it. Teach me how to use it, and wait for my judgement. I arrive prepared to like it.

Is there an excellent text-based curriculum for learning Coda? I don’t have time to waste sifting through marketing videos featuring paid actors. I want to know the names of each part, the settings that apply, and how each part relates to all the others. Is there a fully-indexed User Manual?

Maybe the presentation style of the learn doc is not to your liking, but if you put the style aside, then you will find that the learn doc provides and excellent introduction into CODA.

Hi @Kirby_Krieger,

  • I believe that browsing, copying and playing around with some examples is perhaps the best solution: Doc Gallery | Coda
  • Also, you might find useful the Formula reference: Coda | Formula library
  • A fully indexed good collection of themed articles here: Coda Help Center
  • Finally, there is a wide array of incredibly useful posts and lots of skilled people happy to help, here in the Community.

Feel free to ask for more.