Learn Coda - One Stop Shop

Now that Coda lets you publish docs to the world, I thought it would be fun to compile a bunch of our learning content into a doc. You can find it here. I recommend bookmarking it since we’ll be adding new items.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Two video course series with exercises
  2. Starter exercises for building your initial docs
  3. Webinar recordings and recaps



I’ve been really enjoying @maria’s videos, but find that they don’t always correspond to the latest version of Coda. Is there any resource out there that can help me to bridge the gap? I’ve generally been able to flub my way around the differences, but if there was a resource that translated things (example: “sections” are now called “pages”; “There is no longer a “+” button at the top of the screen; instead, it’s embedded inside your document, at the start of every new line”).



Dear @David_Lawrence,

Welcome to the community :handshake:

Coda is rapid developing and as you already recognized, video materials are fast outdated, although the fundamentals are the same, locations where to find tools might have been relocated.

In the community you will be able to find announcements and often many details that come handy when you build your doc/app.

The community is also the right place in case you need assistance. A sample doc with your question is always much appreciated, as it makes it easier to reply on spot.

I hear you @David_Lawrence! This is the challenge with an engineering team that moves at the speed of light :slight_smile:

But I have good news! We’re going to be doing a revamp of these core videos (and making more!). @Jean_Pierre_Traets is right that the community is an awesome place to stay connected and learn. My recommendation for new Coda users is also to rely heavily on typing / in the doc to see all the things you can do or use the explore panel on the right. You won’t miss a thing there!

Thanks for sticking with us!