The brand-new LEARN section is here!

Whoa have y’all checked out the new learn page yet?!

We’ve been hearing that finding Coda’s learning resources can be tough. Today, we launched the learn page as the proper home for all the ways you can learn to be a Coda pro.

And with the new learn page, we’ve added two new Coda video lesson tracks: Schema Design and Formulas. If you want to learn best practices for structuring your document or teach a coworker to build better formulas, check it out!

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new content. Hope you enjoy!


This is a great addition! Would need complex features in the futur.

Mind elaborating a bit on what you mean by that?

Yep @jerols
The fact is that I knew pretty much everything in the new learn section, even if some reminders in the formula section was nice to learn again :slight_smile:
I wrote my last comment perhaps a bit quickly because in a way, the learn section doesn’t need to be over complex. Now that there is this community space, more complex formulas can be debate here.
Perhaps there could be a section in learn called “possibilities” where you show more fancy functions and situations?
But in its actual state, it’s perfect.

I echo the sentiment expressed here…

I think the Schema Design lesson was very instructive and easy to understand :slight_smile: It’s a nice explanation of the different approaches to modeling data which can get confusing, particularly for beginners. Even more so when one have to deal with lot’s of tables and data points and may feel overwhelmed.

There’s a book i’ve been reading called The Accidental Taxonomist which mentions concepts like taxonomies, dictionaries, thesauri, lists, etc and it would be interesting to see further lessons explore these topics while also giving a hands-on view of how to translate that to Coda.

Congrats for the excellent work, folks!


I think the new formulas tutorials are great! Definitely one of the best features about Coda to highlight. Echoing @tomavatars I think there should be a Beginner Formulas and then an Intermediate/Advanced formulas for the power users.

Regarding the schema videos, I have mixed feelings about them. While the “how you organize your garage” concept is an interesting analogy, it left me more confused as to how this relates to Coda. The different sections are also more theory-based (what you might find in a database 101 book) and I think for new users it would be beneficial to go straight into how these concepts apply to the most common use cases for using Coda.

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Nice, thanks to the new lessons I had 2 epiphanies:

  • Master/Detail schema is not something I was used to, and I didn’t really wrap my head around it when I ecountered it in various Templates/Puzzles. Now I get it.

  • Chaining formulas… wow, this is really not something intuitive for me. I got a hint of the idea when I first tried Coda, and I’ve been struggling with Coda formulas ever since; but now I understood much better the constrained “Table–>Filter–>Action” formula frame, so I think I’m gonna have much more ease with Coda formulas! :slight_smile:


Unlike others here, I started using Coda just a few days ago so I had no experience with it when I came accross the learn page. Along with the initial tutorial, the learn page has been really helpful to get me started.

Congrats to the team for such a complete first time user experience! :slight_smile:


Thanks Mai! This makes my day that you enjoyed our Learn tab so much. If there’s any other topics you would like us to cover there, please let us know!

Can you save the tables/databases/docs you create in the learn area or no?

Are you referring to the examples in the Coda 101 tutorial? That data isn’t saved, but you can copy/paste the data into a new Coda doc. If you are referring to the interactive tutorial, that does indeed create a doc for you which you can open up later!

Thanks for your response. I have another quick question. Does Coda have the ability to specify that a column is for phone numbers? Can I “click to call” with it in the mobile app?

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Just posted a potential solution to this in the Tips and Hacks category :grinning:

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Thank you! That really helped

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