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@Londya_Adam posted this question in the community:

Coda doesn’t have a “Phone Number” column type, but you can create a click-to-call number by putting “tel:” before the phone number as the hyperlink for the phone number. This way, when you tap the number in the mobile app, it will launch your phone’s default phone dialer. See the formula in the Click-to-call column:

The brand-new LEARN section is here!

Hey team, any plan to implement it natively? :slight_smile: it’s a bit annoying having an additional column for that :slight_smile: and I think it is extremely useful as a “column type” :slight_smile:


Hi @Francesco_Pistillo, I’ll definitely add this to our backlog! Through formulas and buttons, you can get a pretty neat list of phone numbers to dial. We published a template with this specific use case here!


Woah! Love this feature. Will be using it EVERY week!

@Al_Chen_Coda is there any way to get Coda to recognize 2 phone numbers in the same cell and separate those actions?

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@Josh_Szwarga Yes! I just updated the sample doc in my original post. The formula in the “Click-to-call” column uses the FormulaMap() and Split() functions to create separate links for each number listed in the “Phone number” column.

FYI instead of having a column of numbers you can click to call, you can also add in a button to make the doc feel more like an app (as shown in the template).

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@Al_Chen_Coda any functionality with opening up my phone’s messenger app when clicking the link or pushing the button?

(Really like the multiple phone number trick)



Instead of tel: use sms:

You can even put together a message to auto-load in the message section. Let’s say you have a “First Name” column:

Concatenate("sms:",thisRow.[Phone number],";?&body=Hi%20",thisRow.[First Name],"!%20")

This results in: "Hi Ben! "

The %20 is code to add a space between characters.

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I thought it might be sms and tried it after posting…sure enough! Thanks for the tips on auto-loaded messages. That’s a perfect solution for my needs.

Now just trying to solve the the logic of multiple numbers and choosing which one the button uses…:thinking: