Launched: 7 new updates that make Coda even more powerful thanks to your feedback

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference in your workflow.

We’ve been hearing from many of you how much you appreciate the rate at which we respond to feature requests, so we thought we would share some of the features and improvements we have made over the last month that didn’t make it into our announcements.

:ship: Here’s what we launched:

Capture & validate emails in forms or tables with the email column type.

We have rich person references, which allow you to reference information about everyone in your doc, but we’ve observed that people add email data into text columns in tables and forms. Now, you can add an email column type to more intuitively capture and email your friends, colleagues, or customers. Click on the default text column in your form or table and type Email in the column type search bar or under the “People” options in the column menu.


From there, you can click the email icon and select Email options to choose whether to show the icon, icon + email, or email only. When data in an email column is not correctly formatted as an email, an invalidation error will be shown so you can quickly find, address, and diagnose any email address issues.


Customize URLs with the link column type.

Remove long, messy URLs by adding the Link column type from the column type search bar. Once you add your Link column, you can select to show the link as an icon, the title of the webpage, URL, card, or embed.


Switch between two options with a toggle.

If you want the option to create an on/off decision in your docs, tables, or forms you can replace a checkbox with a toggle to switch between different states.

Checkbox toggle

Save a time with a command menu for automation rules.

You no longer need to double-click into a rule to make changes to an automation. Click the vertical “…” next to each to rule to open the command menu and perform quick actions, such as duplicate and delete.


Save space in your tables with better text wrapping.

We’ve always supported the option to wrap and unwrap long text columns to make your rows shorter; however, this doesn’t save any space when you use paragraph styles like lists or headings. Now, unwrapped cells are always one line no matter what content you put in them.


Copy the values from a formula column.

Sometimes you just need to copy all those values you created for a new table, without duplicating the formula. Now, you can copy a formula column and keep the cell values without duplicating the formula.


The URL() formula has a new name.

We renamed the URL() formula to Objectlink() to be more descriptive of the behavior. Now, you can use ObjectLink() to get the URL for an object in your Coda tables.

Whether the changes are big or small, we understand how important it is to respond to feedback requests from our dedicated users. The details really matter, and we’re focused on the ones that bring teams together.


I waited for better text wrapping since my first time in Coda. I think it was my first request to the support team. Thank you Coda team!


Many small changes = major changes. My favorite is probably the new Toggle option : ) Thanks to the team for giving us more delightful doc-making moments!


Email and Link column types are super cool!


Very cool; thank you!

Quick question: how do I copy without the formula? The short video didn’t make it clear whether I just do copy/paste with usual keyboard shortcuts or need to do something else?

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Very good updates and definitely doesn’t look like small.

Although that I was hoping that the hyperlink options are actually a bit more intuitive to work with. Now, despite all options, there is no neat way to insert a hyperlink to a Google Doc or similar. A bit disappointed about this long-awaited change.

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Hey Karina,

Yes you should be able to use the normal copy/paste shortcuts with the keyboard when copying from a formula column into a non-formula column

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Awesome!! Thanks
Great to see coda even better!

Steve, These updates are awesome. Could you kindly clarify the process for copying data from a formula column into a number type column. For example, in your video you added a new column. Did you highlight all of the cells in the formula column then select copy → then paste into a column formatted as a number. I suppose it would also work if you copied it into a column that is formatted as text. Thank you in advance for your help.

@Steve re: the text wrapping. Do you know if the text wrapping will also render on mobile? I am having trouble getting the text wrapping to work on a mobile device. It works great on desktop just not on mobile. Thank you!

Great updates! :+1:
But what happened to the „Copy content with the click of a button.“?

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This is all super great!!!

I have started to use the Objectlink some time ago and I realized when I use ObjectLink in Slack messages, the display name option does not work. Without the DisplayText it prints the url but if I give any kind of DisplayText the url disappears and only the text remains.

So now we’ve Email column and Link column… does this mean that Phone Number is coming next? :smiley:

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@Steve Where did the “Copy to clipboard” button feature go? In the email it is 8 features now here it is only 7! :slight_smile:


Love the toggle especially. Simple thing that is really nice.

For people asking about the copy to clipboard function, I was also most excited about that when I read the email. Looks like we may have to wait a bit until it is officially released but I did notice that the formula CopyToClipboard() exists now and works well according to my limited testing when added to a button

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It should work if you select the entire column, or just a subset of cells. For pasting into a number column it will follow the same logic we currently have when typing a value into a formatted column, where we try to convert it to that type as best we can

Yup, you caught us :sweat_smile:

Turns out we pulled the trigger a bit early on announcing the copy button, still working out some final kinks. But it should be available soon


Woohoo - thanks Coda… I’ve been waiting for this

LOVE the checkbox toggle, love automation duplication - great stuff, thanks. Keep it coming and you’ll have a very happy long-term user base (once they get over the STEEP formula learning curve).