Launched: Our more powerful and intuitive editor

Beyond supporting page layout, we’ve also invested in a number of small, but important improvements to Coda’s editor that make a key difference in your day to day life in Coda and address a number of pain points we’ve heard from customers.


A smooth team experience is critical to you and to us. Coda’s always had robust support to merge collaborative text changes from different authors, including within the same paragraph and if one person temporarily loses their connection and re-connects.

We’ve now extended the same level of collaboration to layout changes as well. If one person edits a paragraph while another moves that paragraph, those changes will now be seamlessly integrated with the text edits applied in the correct final location. You can confidently collaborate together on content and layout, even if someone’s working offline.



When you refresh a doc, we now remember which collapsible headings you’d expanded — so you can pick up right where you left off.


Links to paragraphs

Links to specific paragraphs within a document are now more stable if you move the paragraph or make other edits near it.



Formulas are one of Coda’s key building blocks that enable powerful scenarios and ways of working with written content.

We reviewed common feedback on cases where some formulas just weren’t doing what you’d expect and improved them, including:

  • BulletedList() and NumberedList() now always produce just one list item for each input, even if the the input contains multiple lines
  • Concatenate() now preserves existing paragraph styles, making it easier to combine formatted text
  • Format(), Replace(), and Splice() now merge formatting between the source and destination, preferring the destination
  • Splice() No longer converts unformatted text to an array of characters
  • Join() Preserves paragraph styles when joining with a line break. Prefers the paragraph style of the left instead of right input when they conflict.
  • Left() Preserves paragraph styling

We’ve also added a couple new formulas:

  • LineBreak() formula makes it simpler to add new lines
  • IndentBy() adjust the indent level of text.

A predictable, quality experience

We’ve also buttoned up a few cases we didn’t formally support, but could lead to awkward behaviors in a doc. These may result in visual changes to a small number of existing docs:

  • Tables and views are now always on their own line. Before, it was easy to unintentionally type before or after a table — or to click and see a giant, distracting blinking cursor. Sometimes text would appear on its own line, but still share the same paragraph styling as the before or after it.

At other times, customers wanted to position tables next to other content, but this was fragile and worked only for small content. Canvas layout now offers a much more flexible and powerful way to do this.

  • Tables, views, and line separators now support only default and H1-H3 styling.
  • Tab characters that could previously be inserted only by pasting now show as a space, and invisible soft hyphens now show as visible hyphens

With this new foundation, you can expect to see even more improvements to Coda’s core product in the coming months!


Hello there! @Teresa_de_Figueiredo are there any future plans to support adding CSS or maybe hosting your own CSS and Javscript with Coda on your own server? I would REALLY love to customize the look of my pages.

When is the new editor coming? I keep hearing about it but no dates have been given an I’m trying to convince my company to use this software but constantly need to tell them “soon”

Also is there ever going to be the ability to share a single page like a client portal?


Hi @Phil_Purdy1 great question! The new editor has launched today, so feel to let your company know and you can also share this launch announcement post with them if it is helpful!

We have added the ability to copy a page to a another doc, which can be used as a hack for sharing a single page. We have more sharing capabilities coming in 2022 we look forward to sharing with you!

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Hi @robyn_bieber ! We don’t have this on our short term roadmap at this time. However, I’d love to hear more about what you’re hoping to customize on your pages.


Sure! I would like to have a page more aligned to my brand when sharing it with my clients. For instance, if I wanted to create a proposal I would like to have the option to change the background color of the page, add a custom icon to the header, and change the font color.

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Is it normal that it’s not available in many of our docs? Thank you

New docs will be on the new version, but existing docs will take a little time to upgrade. A little time is a day or two unless you have a massive doc that requires a little more effort.


Thank you Ben! Looking forward to it :slight_smile: Keep on killing it :rocket:


Woohoo! I was looking for a linebreak just last month! Figured out the hard way to do that. SOOOO happy for this new item! Thanks Coda! I love how great and how frequent updates are.


You can use the Stylus Chrome extension for this :slight_smile:


Jay Jay in the house!

Hey Jay, this surely intriges me. Are you saying that also the viewer of the page see the page in your own style — even when they do not have the extension?

No, unfortunately they would need the extension. We don’t update our CSS often, so it’s not much of a hassle if you want to share it with team members :rocket:

I’m assuming you want to preserve your style for public sharing, coda isn’t there yet… :cry:

I believe that with you can use your own css which should be persistent for all doc users/viewers.

I didn’t try this for myself yet, but I am pretty sure I will try this one of these days.

Thanks Coda developers!

Coda is becoming an even more amazing product with every new release.

Rambling pete


Coda for the win! Again! And again, and again […] All of you Codans are just brilliant! Thanks so much for putting in the work to delight us with these updates!


Ben, any updates on this timeline? Still not seeing any old docs on the new editor. Not even the “light” ones. Thank you for all the work!

We’re continuing to work through upgrades. They will continue to happen over the weekend and we can check back in early next week. If a doc hasn’t been upgraded yet, that doesn’t mean anything is wrong, just that it hasn’t progressed through the queue just yet.

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I’m not seeing IndentBy() working. Are the new formulas live?