Launched: Full screen rows and improvements to layouts

It’s finally here – full screen rows! Additionally, we’ve added more options to edit a table from the row modal, so you’re no longer required to click “Edit layout” while working in a row.

Full screen a row to look like a page

Call us IMAX because now you can full screen any row. Hover over the row and click the expand icon to the left of the table. Then, click the expand icon in the upper right-hand of the expanded row.

full screen rows

Customize columns directly in a row modal

We’ve added the ability to edit columns in a table from a row modal. Hover over the column and use the inline options to customize a column name or type.


If you’re using a custom layout, hover over the column type icon to edit font size, label style, or hide a column.


Spice up your tables with unsplash photos

Need a pre-baked cover photo? Add an unsplash cover photo to your row. Click “Add image” and choose from the unsplash options.

choose image from unsplash

We hope this helps you visualize your data better and move more quickly in Coda. Cheers!


I was just making a note the other day to figure out how to add cover photos at row level. I hope to use those row-level cover photos to help people navigate where they are in the doc. These updates are awesome! Thank you!!


Not that is not nice to get updates but it is hard to be happy when there are so much more important things that are security, access, sharing, visual, design, performance issues with Coda and it might be me who had too much hopes for Coda… but guys you really don’t know what to do with this product anymore, do you?!


Hi Stefan,

Thank you for this feedback! Coda’s engineering team spans many focuses, and part of our path towards delivering a solution as comprehensive as our most motivated makers need is launching small improvements along the way. We can assure you that our small improvements such as these do not defer our focus from launching functionalities such as the ones you mentioned. You can see our latest performance improvements we posted to the community here. I’ve shared your feedback with our focus groups and look forward to delivery exciting news to you and your fellow community members as we continue to deliver on your requests!


I can’t tell you how excited I am for full width rows! Can we access this toggle with a formula?


Don’t forget, @Stefan_Stoyanov, that behind the scenes they’re also finalizing all the amazing work they shared at the block party. After seeing what’s coming I would not have been surprised at zero updates, so these iterations are fantastic.


For full screen rows, is there still a way to page through to the next or previous row?


This is a great update to the modal!

+1 for being able to arrow through prev/next rows like in the modal

Couple more wishlist items:

  • will we be able to make the full-page the default (bypassing the modal)?

  • any chance we will be able to assign the cover photo based on a column of the table (or via lookup)?
    This would be great to “brand” rows based on client/project/etc.

When are you guys considering adding switch account feature?

Hi @Mag_Shum ,

An account switcher is definitely on the roadmap. We’d love to hear more details around your use case so we make sure we take that into account.


Good to hear, Chris! I have 3 coda accounts, 2 for work and 1 for personal. As I have shared with your CS team earlier in October. Let me recall and share with you again:

This feature is a absolute must have for me. All Saas products I use (Instagram, Spark mail app, Notion, Gmail, Figma, you name it) allow to switch accounts easily.

Let me explain this to you from a UX perspective:
If I have to switch an account now:

  1. Click on my avatar
  2. Click on the 3 dots icon
  3. Click on Sign out
  4. Click on Sign in
  5. Click on Sign in with Google
  6. Choose the Google Account I use
  7. Then wait for 2 sec

Suggested switch account flow:

  1. Click on my avatar
  2. Click on a quick link “Switch Account"
  3. Choose my second account (already signed in previously)
  4. Page refresh, and Viola!

Imagine doing that couple of times everyday because you have multiple organisations to manage.


AMAZING! :heart_eyes:

@Dan posed a gread question, what about moving from one row to another? buttons?
buttons also for full screen row??? :grin::grin::grin:

Love all this improvements! Thank you guys

Great work, just some minor points that would make a big difference:

  1. as @Mario mentioned too, when expanded to full screen the option to navigate between rows is not available anymore. [green marked]
  2. When expanded to full screen and you are scrolled down to the bottom of the page, the options to schrink get out of sight [orange marked]

It would be great when in table view also the description and long name became visible when you hover over the column name! (an optional choice would be even better, or at least when a page is not locked to see them)

Keep up with the great improvement :100:

Great vector, but in full mode of row screen I didn’t get more space for content - content alignment still is standard not wide


I must say I am against a fixed buttons for switching rows. I use row layout extensively in my docs, and never have I needed to use it, but I couldn’t get rid of it. Since row order in a table is something you shouldn’t count on, you shouldn’t use this switcher. What I do, and everybody should, to control the row order, is to create your own buttons to switch the row, and your own row order (in a separate table).


Full screen is not really full screen
if I edit layout i can arrange elements (colums) in the full width, but when done everything gets narrowed again.
missed opportunity.
The case I would love to use this, is when you have a subtable with multiple colums to show. Some extra width would be usefull here. (now i get a horizontal scrollbar, when there is lots of whitespace on both sides)

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Nice little update.

But, I think it would be really cool if we could choose for every table if the rows open full-width from the beginning or not. That would be really great.


Awesome update. Does the team plan to allow for wider layouts / full screen for the on page canvas as well? Currently Im squishing columns together in a very ugly format. Would be nice to have some space to breath.