Launched: Stunning row detail views

At Coda, we think of tables as relational databases. That means each row of data can really pack a punch as you mingle various kinds of data—like images, files, numbers, text, people, and more—in each row.

We decided it was time to upgrade your view when you expand a row or layout table information in a Detail view to honor the power of your structured data. Now, when you expand a row:

  • Your display column will act as a heading in the expanded view
  • If you have images in your table, the first image for each row will act as a full-bleed cover image
    • You can also open your image settings to show images as “Slides” or in “Wide” mode
    • Don’t have a header image for a row detail view? You can upload one just like you would with a page!
  • You can customize column labels to show as “Small” or “Large” to make column labels look more like headings
  • You can add columns directly from this view
  • Input fields are more visible as light grey boxes, just like in Coda forms

PRD-21013-Item Layouts Update.gif|1000x523.3333333333334

Making rows of data more powerful means your tables can work even harder, so we’re always looking for new ways to optimize. Curious to see to see what we do next? Be sure to bookmark this page to register for our Block Party event on October 6th! Registration opens on Monday morning Pacific time. :slight_smile:


OK, let’s be clear - I seriously HATE how Coda rolls out updates! This is supposed to be a good update, but instead it just ruined months of work to make documents look the way I wanted.

One suggestion is - when a column is a formula (which is not an imput field per-se), make sure it is not grey shadow, please!


This is so much better!


This looks great!

I’m noticing though that the ability to add columns, and the light grey boxes for input fields, aren’t showing up on detail views that use the Quick Styles templates that allow for multiple columns.

Is the plan to update those as well?

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The detail view was very needy of these changes. Thanks!


What would you suggest instead? Roll features out to subscribers only, with an opt in?

Thank youuuu for giving the detail view some love!


if the label is set to the left the text box is tiny!


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Add cover button is not working for me…

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Probably there are smater options, but 2 weeks advance annoucement (like this one), which goes along with a sample document with several use cases inside and the “I like”, “I dislike”, and commenting would be nice.

Release could be with an Update and Skip button (I know this is hard to achieve) to give the chance to update the docs or at least stop using them if the new update is a blocker.

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Is cover images only working with “Image” column type? I am not being able to make “Image URL” work with this. Looks like a messy update guys. Love the concept, but looks messy to make it good.

Hey Guilherme,

Our goal was to give a refresh to our existing defaults, while maintaining consistency with what existed before. Currently, only “Image” column types will make a cover photo, similar to what you get with the last quick style before.

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For automation purposes, makes no sense to prioritize image upload instead of url. I use Image URL to push hundreds of Facebook profile images. I can’t imaging people that use not hundreds, but thousands of rows being dependend to image upload. Is Image URL at least planned to be added as an option?

I am already using the “Large” column label size and it makes the form much easier to read when sharing with people who are new to the doc. Thank you !


Is Block Party already fully booked? Everything appears closed.

I don’t think the sign up is active quite yet. Check back early next week, things should be opened up then.

Does the “Add Cover” button not work for anyone else when on an expanded row? It does nothing when pressed in all my docs on different browsers.

I want to get some great covers in there @ezeugo !

Edit: Just realized it actually did do something. It technically added an “image” column to my table but gave no indication to me that it had done that. Had to go into my main table, found a new column I hadn’t made titled “image” and realized the add cover button had done that

Although, I would expect it to act in the same way as the “Add Cover” button on a page in that it would pop up the image column it creates as a header in the row detail.

Hopefully that helps! Overall great update and definitely it looks better!


Another bug
Hey this refresh does look better, unfortunately I noticed that the combination of right-justified alignment with label on the left no longer works — it justifies everything to the left.

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This is JUST in time for my capstone project for the Coda DOCtorate course. Hopefully I can make use of some of this!

Rambling Pete