Launched: Updates to column filter performance

Raise your hand if you filter data in your columns :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:. If so, then this update is for you!

At Coda, we are dedicated to stability, scalability, and user experience. That’s why I’m excited to share an update we’ve made behind the scenes to improve performance in Coda tables.

Filter columns with summarized data 5x faster

Before, filtering columns with large, summarized data sets could be slow. Now, if you filter a column with data aggregates, we calculate the summary value after you filter. This makes filtering speed on summarized columns 4-5x faster. We have seen the filtering speed decrease from 12 to 2 seconds on columns with over 10k rows.

Before After Performance Update

We hope this helps you visualize your data even faster!


Hey, when is the new canvas editor feature going to be available? Would love to layout my page copy in columns!
Also, I’d love to have my Grammarly plug-in work in coda

Cheers! keep up the great work!

Peter Eller
Direct: +1 (604) 736-5797 |
1157 East 23rd Avenue Vancouver, BC, V5V 1Y8

Hi Peter,

Canvas layout is coming very soon! Look out for a community announcement in the next two weeks.


Can’t make out the text in the gif — can you please elaborate in which specific scenarios it got improved? Filtering on the columns that have Sum/Avg/Count etc summary under them?


Filtering of tables with summarized columns, using any summary formula, would take a 5x slower performance hit. Now they do not.


Re: Grammarly - We continue to review opportunities for integration, but have to navigate a bit about how Grammarly access our browser-based editor and keeping your information secure. We continue to chat with the Grammarly team about this, and let them know our valued Coda makers would love this plug-in to work! :slight_smile:


Hell yeah! Keep on going team.


Never realised this was a problem before, but glad to know it’s now better and faster :blush:

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:rocket: :pray: Thank you for focusing on performance this is really a key thing for being able to invest in the platform for any doc that is being used daily.