Performance Issues with Coda Canvas Column Type


When working with a team in editing a canvas column, the typing experience is very sluggish. Is this a known issue? How can we get in touch with Coda support to report and hopefully resolve this issue.


Hello @Joitchie_Dealca ,

You can contact the support via the small button at the bottom right of your Coda window.

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I have experienced this before on both an iPad and laptop while editing and when I did, both times after clearing apps (from the iPad) and closing other programs (on the laptop) the issue went away. I have some very large databases that I know when I’m manipulating the data it will be sluggish if I have other things open. Not sure if this is your issue or not but that’s been my experience with the same kind of issue in the past.

not sure if this is reliever to your case


we have found that after an automation or button action has run that adds or modifies a significant number of table rows, there are performance problems for a while afterwards.

even simple interactions like selecting objects or editing values are seen to run VERY slowely for a while.

i cant be sure, but this feels like a situation where a garbage collector or memory defragmentation process is running in the background to recover all the fragmented memory used by temporary objects inside the coda engine. ive seen this before in other products.

eventually, this slow’down goes away. so we learned to time those formulas so we can just leave the document for a few minutes to recover.

the other thing we found…

the amount of RAM available has a big impact on coda performance. so shutting down everything else helps.

but the biggest help was using 16GB RAM machines for the big heavy automations.



Thanks for your replies, we are using a simple table with less than 10 columns, less than 20 rows and no filter or formulas.

I will try closing some app and freeing up my RAM and see if it improves the performance.


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