Coda becomes unresponsive ,Slow Performance

i have a projects table with 500 rows and 15 columns , 5 columns have some simple formulas.
have created a “Create project” button to add new row in a projects table , but this is making performance very slow. and coda becomes unresponsive.

I found this problem is very frequent on my document, there are some views of table with 3000+ rows, on viewing the table also makes coda unresponsive,

Hi @Manoj_Gupta_Engrg-SW_IN ;

perhaps this is redundant, but have you tried to have a look at the debug calculation?

Considering the performance improvement released, it’s strange that with a document relatively small you should experience low performance.

Thanks @Federico_Stefanato
I have run this, and found following results. this shows some “deleted columns” taking too much of time. not sure how to find these delete columns.

I had created many sub-tables and views, does creating a row in main table triggers calculations in all subtables?

i had two redundant views, i just deleted those, even deleting views has triggered all calculations and system become unresponsive. looks like i am doing something seriously wrong :frowning:

If you are comfortable, you can post the formulas for these columns, and we can give some feedback if there are things you are doing in the formulas that is slowing it down. But it seems like the major issue is those deleted columns… I’ve never seen the Deleted Column show up like that before… one of those is taking 2 minutes! Thats kinda crazy.

I wonder if that means you have a reference to a deleted column in one of your Staffing Allocation tables… or if someone is referencing a Column that no longer exists in the Staffing Allocation tables…

Would be nice if Coda had a feature where you can go to a tab that shows all the places where formulas are broken, instead of clicking through all the pages and formulas.

Maybe it’s a good idea to ask for support

Dear @N_G ,

Great point, it would indeed be very helpful, especially for the more complicated docs/apps

I’m having this issue too. As of last night adding items to a table locks up the doc for 30+ seconds, and the debugger shows most of it spend on “Deleted Column”. I haven’t changed the structure in a while, and I have a duplicate doc I made last year that does the same thing. It makes me think something changed on the back-end.

Support is looking into it for me.


did you get your issue resolve with CODA support?

Somewhat. They said showing “Deleted Columns” was a visual bug, but they did pinpoint where the primary slowdown was occurring, so I tweaked it and got my doc back. It was a view that was referencing another table and had grouping turned on, so I turned off “Table View” in that area which removed the grouping, which then stopped the slowdown.

I’m not totally satisfied with this solution because it doesn’t explain why it suddenly started happening after years of my doc structure being this way. But grouping has always been problematic so I’m not surprised I suppose.

@Manoj_Gupta_Engrg-SW_IN good news! Just got a note from engineering saying they deployed a fix last night and I tested my original setup and everything seems fine now. How is it for you?

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