Defer/optimization computation of tables inside canvas column?

When I load my page, I see that the majority of the time is being spent computing formulas in tables of embedded canvases.

  • How can I optimize the page load time? Any way to defer the computation of the embedded canvases until when they need to be rendered?
  • Should I avoid this pattern of tables in canvases due to performance reasons?

Hey @Ed_Wei ! It sucks that your Coda doc is going slow :pensive:. We feel your pain as we have a few big docs we use internally that have similar issues and it can be very frustrating. We do have people dedicated to improving doc performance, but as it’s a large area we can’t promise your doc will be fast tomorrow.

In the meantime, we recommend checking out some of the tips in these articles to help improve your doc’s performance:

Please let us know if any of those articles help you out!


i recently upgraded to a newer laptop and, because i edit videos a lot, i went for a large amount of ram (64Gb).

and suddenly, coda started performing much faster!

this led me to deduce that coda is a memory hogging beast.

so on my old laptop, i shut down everything and only open a single coda doc at a time, and notice it runs faster when it has access to all the ram.

another trick i have used to overcome this slow-to-open doc issue, is to keep that big monster doc open permanently. by setting my windows parameters to go to sleep (when i close the lid) and hibernate (when i press the power button) so the document never needs to reload.

(i did this to deal with poor internet connectivity, so i can work on the doc even when the internet connection is gone. but discovered an unexpecyed benefit was not needing to reload the doc from scratch several times a day.)

now, i DO shut down the whole system every now and then to keep windows stable etc.

just thought i would throw that out there in case it helps.



Thank you for the thoughtful response. With the help of coda support, we identified orphan tables that were eating into the run time. Orphan tables are tables that remain even after they have been deleted. This is a bug in Coda which the team has taken back to find the best fix.

My doc is much more speedy as a result and now I am armed with tools to self diagnose.

My laptop only has 32GB of RAM. My team will have less. To prepare for the future, I’ve created a scale test for my doc and started improving or eliminating features that I find to be bottlenecks. If nothing else works out, I may consider using an external database that I integrate with Coda packs.

About my orphaned views:

About my attempts to improve performance:

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