Can't select and copy text in formula cells on mobile anymore

Hey there! @mallika shall I mention you here?
So I have an urgent fix for the mobile app.
Before the latest update, I was able to go in a row and select the text of a cell which result come from a formula. I can’t select and copy the text anymore and this is dramatic as I use a table on mobile in order to gather informations to copy and post on specific mobile apps like Instagram or tiktok.

I also have a few suggestions for features like this. There could be a copy cell content button or icon or anything that could make the process to copy informations from a table on mobile more fast and effective.

Coda is the best tool I have to prepare my marketing posts, and until this new bug, it was very good. Now it’s nearly useless as I can’t copy the formatted cells anymore (typically post text + tags).



Hey Tom, thanks for letting us know such a good detailed feedback. This indeed looks like a bug introduced on mobile, I’ll report this into our internal tracker. Hopefully this can be resolved soon.


Thanks! I’m still struggling today :scream:
It is such a cool way to manage marketing!

We’d love to use Coda for sharing complex documentations with developers, who need to be able to select and copy anything. But for some cases they need edit rights and unlock the page to do that. Which is frustrating and also allows to unwanted edits.

Quite contrary to many Coda “unable to copy” features, we need to let anyone with the access to copy anything they see.