"Copy to clipboard" - Button/Function

This would be a cool feature for all “generator”-like use cases, and many others.

Maybe it is an additional Button feature, where you can select the “data source”.

Or it could be Column feature, that you can activate in the “format column” menu. When it is activated, a small “copy to clipboard” icon appears next to the data-cell value.


+1 vote for this. A copy to clipboard option would be extremely useful, particularly because the number of packs are still very limited.

For example, I have a doc that generates the text for an email. Because I don’t use gMail, I need to copy the text from Coda and paste in my email client. Having a button that would copy to clipboard would make this a much simpler (instead of click in cell, then click and drag to select, then Cmd+C to copy) and more elegant process.

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I REALLY need this button/function!

Thanks for the great ideas. To better understand the requests, are sections or cells in tables good targets to start?

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Hi Preeyanka,

For me yes. I have a page in a doc that records when I use an office. Here’s a copy -

It would be great to have a button action, or a formula, to copy the email output directly to the clipboard.



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For me, cells are a great way to start :slight_smile: I have not thought about sections as a whole, but can’t find a use case right now :thinking:

My main use case are generators, where different values / results are combined with a formular / a button. The outcome (a link, a number, a text) needs to be used somewhere outside Coda. I can calculate it in a cell, and then want to copy the result to the new location. A second use case is a Brand Book / Design Guide. E.g. brand color codes can be ‘picked’ into clipboard with one click. Cell-level would do that again.

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Dear @Rohan_M

Thank you sharing your doc :handshake: and giving more insight to how to construct the “Output” column.

ToText(Substitute("Office use for period ending " + Format("{1:00}-{2:00}-{3:0000}", frmOfficeUsePeriodEnd.Day(), frmOfficeUsePeriodEnd.Month(), frmOfficeUsePeriodEnd.Year()) + Char(10) + Char(10) + FormulaMap([Office Use].Filter(Advised=false), Format("{1:00}-{2:00}-{3:0000}", Date.Day(), Date.Month(), Date.Year()) + " - " + Usage + " days" + Char(10)).List() + char(10) + char(10) + "Total - " + [Office Use].Filter(Advised=false).Usage.Sum() + " days", ",", "") + Char(10) + Char(10) + Char(10) + "Regards," + Char(10) + Char(10) + "Rohan")

Only knowing the formulas is not enough, it’s the point to get them creating your expected outcome

When I see it prepared I manage to get the logic, any advise on where I can best learn to develop my own text lay out?

Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

You’re welcome.

Regarding developing your own text layout, for me it was just a lot of trial and error. The best I can suggest is just to look at lots of other people’s docs. Even those that don’t seem related to what you want to do, will have interesting solutions. It’s through doing this that I discovered the FormulaMap function for example. I was looking at someone’s solution for something else, but once I came across that function, it really expanded what I could do with Coda. Similarly for the RunActions function, that’s fantastic as well for being able to carry out multiple steps with one button click.

It’s one of the great things about Coda and its community, the way everyone shares their docs and knowledge.



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