Coda Button actions - NO PASTE?

Hi folks, I’m forging though my perilous task of organizing all of my photos and videos, along with developing a Coda app I’m working on to help me manage it all.

I’m at the point where I have a button that allows me to Copy a filename to the clipboard - MARVELOUS, this Copy to Clipboard function is working so well with my other applications, it is a thing of JOY!

I had to tilt my head in question however, when I then looked for an associated “Paste from Clipboard” action and didn’t see one??

A Paste function would save me so much time from having to “click the edit Pencil” of the Text field, SELECT the text of the cell, to then hit CTRL-V??

I have applications that can rename my files and/or move them around to different directories etc., and being able to simply PASTE the path or file names back into the respective Text fields of my Coda app would make the task so much simpler!


Is there a way using Coda’s SDK, where I can implement for myself a Paste function that could be then used by a button?

As a software developer by profession, I’m dying to dip my toe into Coda some programming, and learning how to create this Paste button function would be a nicely rewarding achievement for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any suggestions on accomplishing Pasting, or perhaps a reason why a Paste function isn’t available would be helpful!


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Hey @William_Bell! I’ve filed this feature request for you, and you’ll be notified if we build this out :slight_smile:

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Thank you SO-SO MUCH for submitting this, Jasmine! :sparkling_heart: :hugs:

Having a paste action I can assign to a button will save me so much time compared to what I’m having to do now when pasting text while working with my tables! :boom: :100:

I second this request. Thanks for submitting it @Jasmine_B

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Your observation is spot-on. This is an issue that’s related to many things about Coda that represent subtle cul de sacs. There’s no through street that anyone except Coda can take when it comes to stuff happening at the cursor. I explained this in detail when I attempted to build a writing assistant using GPT-3 (The Essence of a Smart Document). Other aspects of this functionality gap include no formulaic access to …

  • The sentence the cursor is in.
  • The word to the left and right.
  • The paragraph the cursor is within.
  • The duration the cursor has been idle.

Interim Remedy

Aside from Coda adding this capability, you can use an OS-base scripting environment to create a hot-key that will paste whatever is in the copy buffer. Both ScriptKit and Espanso are free and can probably be used to create any sort of automation.

I kinda figured there would be other nuances involved with pasting (is there an image on the clipboard? An audio file, etc, and the case you’ve mentioned with the canvas).

That’s why with my ask, I’ve been very specific w/my use case - pasting TEXT into table cells.

If you can copy an image out of a table cell, I don’t even know, because I never tried :nerd_face:, in my case I’m strictly working with file pathname text, while organizing pics and vids etc.

As a software developer myself, I can appreciate wanting a “complete” solution that covers all cases within Coda’s pages, which is also why I had asked would it be possible code an extension or pack w/the SDK (just for myself - ultimately I’m looking to also be able to click buttons that can cause the cell to be encrypted & decrypted as well based on a key somewhere).

Having a simple PasteTextIntoTableCell() function is way better than nothing IMO, vs having to click the pencil, drag to select (or triple click), etc., as I’m having to do now. :pray:

EDIT: I will add thanks for the pointers to espanso and scriptkit - they seem very handy - similar to when I discovered for working with files and directories.

What’s also painful is Coda already pops up a paste button - right after I’ve already pasted text into the cell!

I need that same paste button to pop up when when there text on the clipboard and I click into another cell as well!


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