How to paste copied data?

How do I paste tabular (or non-tabular) data from a Google spreadsheet (or any other source) into a Coda table? I press Cmd/Ctrl+C and Cmd/Ctrl+V and nothing ever happens. Thanks.

HI Vladimir,

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That’s the way it should happen. From which application are you copying?

Does the paste work in another application?

From time to time I find that some products don’t interact with each other well - I would then just paste to say word, and copy and paste again. (Usually happens with pictures.)


Thanks Piet.

Coda tables do not accept text copied from any application. Pasting works fine in/across all other apps.

When I select a Coda table cell, the menu items for copying and pasting remain greyed out.

HI Vladimir,

I know this is not going to be a satisfactory answer: This should work, I do it all the time.

At the bottom right of your doc, their should be a questions mark. That allows you to request support from Coda. They should be able to help you better.


When I click that question mark, only this forum opens.

Is pasting a paid feature? I just want to try how Coda compares to other tools I use; I’m not ready to commit.

HI Vladimir,

When I click on the “?” in a free account, I get the following:

When you click on Send us a message, it puts you in contact with the support team.

Do you not get this from the question mark?

Copy and paste is very definitely not a paid feature. Paid features mostly have to do with the size of your docs, as well as the packs that you can make use of.

I have created the doc below in my workspace, so it should have the same characteristics as my other docs.

Please see if this makes a difference?

Piet, thank you very much. While I couldn’t use your doc to paste – it was view-only – but I suddenly realized I had to check my browser extensions and scripts. Pasting worked after I disabled one of them. Thanks.

Now, to the “?” button – no, I do not get what you are getting. When I click it, it sends me straight to this community website. And this time, I checked this with all extensions disabled. However, this is no longer something I’m concerned with.

Thanks for your help!

Glad and relieved you managed to get the problem resolved.

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