Coda Splits a ChatGPT Table into Multiple Tables when pasted

A couple of days ago, you could copy tables directly from ChatGPT into Coda without issues. Now, you must first paste the table into Excel before transferring it to Coda, as Coda splits one table into multiple tables. This issue is unique to Coda; other programs like Excel and Notion don’t have this problem.

Hmm I can’t replicate, if you paste the clipboard into the forum here, what characters are we working with? This is what I got (TSV):

No.	City	Country
1	Tokyo	Japan
2	Buenos Aires	Argentina
3	Cairo	Egypt
4	Sydney	Australia
5	Istanbul	Turkey
6	Toronto	Canada
7	Moscow	Russia
8	Cape Town	South Africa
9	New York City	United States
10	Berlin	Germany


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Thanks Rickard! I tested it more and with another browsers - it looks like this only happens if I copy it from ChatGPT in Edge and then paste it in the Arc Browser. (I have ChatGPT installed as an browser app with edge, but work with coda with arc)

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