Odd Copy / Paste Behavior *BUGS*

Been experiencing some weird behavior when copy/pasting tables from a Coda doc into a new Coda doc.

Weird Behavior #1 - Got this error message when copy/pasting that I’ve never gotten before. I’ve done this exact copy/paste multiple times before and it’s worked just fine.

Weird Behavior #2 - When I copy/pasted a table with 6 unhidden columns (Types: Text, Select List, Date, Text, Formula Lookup, Checkbox) it reformatted my copied table with every single column as a select list. So odd.

Anyone else experiencing new and odd copy/paste behaviors with Coda tables? Just as an aside, Im using a 2021 Macbook pro and the Google Chrome as a browser.

Hi there,

This seems to be working fine on my end.
Here: [https://p-ZmF7dQ.b0.n0.cdn.getcloudapp.com/items/4gule87Q/3b1d272d-0a07-4cec-b815-795d5d2073aa.gif?v=655c6a02b5dc99bad614b0b367564604]

Are you are to repro this consistently with other tables or with some specific table.