Bug Report: Table Copying Issue

Hey Coda Community,

I just wanted to report a bug that I have encountered while copying tables within the same doc (Not sure if it was reported before.).

When attempting to copy a table, I have noticed that the destination table fails to preserve the original column types from the source table. Instead, all columns are mistakenly assigned as selection lists, causing significant data issues. It appears unclear whether this issue affects only my account or if it extends to all Coda users.


Wishing you all a pleasant day/evening ahead.

Edit: I just noticed that it is a browser specific bug as shown in the alert message.

Hey @Mahmoud ! Thanks for reaching out to report this issue. You mentioned that this seems to be a browser specific issue – would you be able to share your browser details with us so our team can attempt to reproduce this issue? Thanks in advance!

Absolutely! I am using Mozilla Firefox 114.0 on Ubuntu 22.04.1.

The same issue when I try to copy table and past to any email.