Copy/paste of a table into something else

Hi all

Just tried to copy 12 columns, 40 rows of a view, but got this error:
The range you selected was too large to copy

Any thoughts how much text one can copy out of Coda?

Dear @thomas_raizedai,

Before I get you wrong, what’s the goal of copying this view?

If you want to have this view on another page, you can move it to the other location (in the same doc) without loosing any data.

If you want to get it available in an other doc, you can test with " cross-doc".

I now have the same issue in a table.

Since today when i try to copy something in a table, i always receive the error “The range you selected was too large to copy” looks too me like a error, because it happens in empty cells too and yesterday it was not the case.

I have 3 columns that need to be copied because i did something like a html generator which copies together several individual code blocks in one html code in a cell which will then be copied into a e-mail Template field in a application. I have several e-mails in 3 different languages using some identical information (like visual header) but customized stuff at the bottom with links that need to be marked individually too.)

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Short update, after checking what happens. Copy and paste is still working. It seems that the error message is maybe related to something else.

Dear @Erich_Althaus,

Welcome to the community!

Earlier today there has been some disturbance at Coda, what might have caused the error.
As far as I understand, now it’s working as expected. :smile:

No, the error is still happening.

Dear @Erich_Althaus,

Without having access to the actual document it’s just guessing what causes the error.

You might get in contact with the Codans through Intercom “?” right bottom of your doc and share it with them for support or contact them through support at

The community always appreciates if you can share your learning on what causes the error :thinking:

allready happened, but they are still in screensaver mode