How do I copy a table (without creating a view)?


Hi, I’m trying to copy and paste a table (as a new table). How do I do that? Currently, pasting it will create a view of the original table. Thanks!


Dear @VictorLow

Somethings things are more simple then expected.
See screenshot below

Left click with your cursor over the table.
Crtl-C to copy the table
Go to the location where you want to past
Crtl-V to past the table and select your pasting option of choice.

Have a great time with Coda.

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Sweet! I’ve been completely overlooking that functionality (unless it’s recent?).


Dear @Ander,

Thanks to the hard work of the developers I see a serious improvement on the “copy / paste” functionality.
Behind the scenes there is a lot going on that is not always communicated at first hand.

On a weekly base I have several experiences of improvements, therefore in remains important to give feedback in the community. Obviously it’s followed closely to enroll constant improvement :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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+1 for the hard working Coda team!!


Thanks for the instruction! Was hoping to find this in the documentation or something. :grinning:


This is new and cool!