How to copy table to clipboard

Is it possible to copy a simple table to the windows clipboard & paste outside Coda? I know you can copy within Coda & I know you can copy/paste individual cells in a Coda table & I can save a table to pdf. But can I do a straightforward copy to clipboard? There are programs/extensions that purport to allow copying to the clipboard from websites that do not allow that. Would one of those work?

Yep, just select the table and use ctrl + c.

You can easily select the whole table by clicking the the white space to the right of the table name.

Thanks very much! I clicked all over the place but not in the spot you mentioned & I could find no reference to that in any of the Help documents relating to copying. Again, thanks.

Yeah it’s a bit of a hidden one! I was looking to do the same thing as you and eventually found it.